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Interactive Security Systems
AOSS offers commercial security systems with design services and service contracts to keep customers’ businesses and employees secure with ease and convenience.
Surveillance Systems
AOSS offers commercial surveillance systems, design services, and service contracts to meet the unique needs of businesses with a full suite of cameras including video analytics.
Audio Systems
A high-voltage sound system often presents the most economical, practical, and safest solution for music or announcements throughout your commercial space.
Video Systems
Choose and install the right TVs for your business. Connect everything and control it with ease of design right for you and your needs.
Automation Systems
Reduce energy waste and enhance liability control when you remotely control temperature settings and lighting schedules to keep businesses efficient and safe.
Access Control Systems
Get Smarter Access Control as a standalone system or as an integrated solution with powerful user management software available through a user-friendly website and mobile applications.
Enterprise Wellness Solutions
Identify potential emergent health problems and residential conditions discreetly and wirelessly. Monitor daily activities at a glance using Intelligent analytics.
Service Contracts
Have the right people servicing your equipment with our service contracts that come with a full support team dedicated to reducing downtime and keeping things running smoothly.
Professional Design Services
Have an AOSS systems design specialist develop a plan for your office or retail space where form and function are on the same team.